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Business Support CRM

Problem / Request

The original request was to provide a CRM capable of running the business support team at the Doncaster Chamber. The CRM needed to record details of all clients and interventions and provide an automated report for government audits.

This was then changed to roll-out in two phases as we had to ensure that the CRM was government approved and used appropriate encryption (currently FIPS-140-2) and allow other organisations to use the system to record and claim outputs.


The implementation of the CRM was faster than we first planned, within the first week of a two month development we received a call to say the excel sheet currently used had crashed and was unusable. Additional resource was put on the project and the CRM was delivered in a raw usable form within a couple of weeks.

The framework that Unity runs on was used to develop Silky CRM (because its silky smooth in operation) and over the past two years has numerous government funded projects running on it giving the client the ability to run automated audits and due in the near future a mobile application allows advisor's to submit to the system on tablets and record signatures.


  • Real-time company wide reports.
  • Enforced Standardisation of working practise.
  • Reduction of stationary by 90% (tablet version)
  • Secure and compliant storage of data