What we do

In a nutshell we develop systems suitable for looking after your clients data and automating as many processes within your business to allow you to concentrate on your core activities and add value to your business.

Here at Digital Unity we develop the tools and strategies for managing these interactions, streamlining your internal processes, enabling you to handle enquiries and customers efficiently and effectively maximising every opportunity.

It all started 5 years ago with the development of a framework called k-frame which after £198,000 of investment and countless hours now allows us to rapidly develop secure CRM systems that are in use from small businesses with 3 users to large UK-wide companies with in excess of 74 users and growing daily. As each project is completed we assess whether any areas developed would benefit other clients and upon consultation with the client we release the software as a plugin, such as the Voip integration on the Telesales CRM.

You will of undoubtably heard of Salesforce, Sage ACT, Sugar CRM which are fantastic products if they are fit for your purpose, however many times over we find that they can fast become 'bloatware' with features hardly used, yet you still pay for those features and usually on a recurring basis. With a unique system you get exactly what you pay for with no license fees and no expensive hardware needed.

Following on from the success of the Bespoke systems we are currently testing ready for launch in spring, our Cloud based generic CRM for businesses to use straight out of the box for a small monthly fee but capable of adding in more functionality as your business grows such as mailshots and Voip integration. Starting up in business doesn't need to be a costly affair, for less than ten pounds per month Unity will provide you with a solution for your customer service needs or for startups you may wish to make use of the Startup pack which includes Phone line, voicemail, CRM, virtual office address and mail forwarding.