Construction Care Limited

Construction Care provides a complete medical service to the construction industry in the UK.

Healthcare CRM

Problem / Request

Our client is a provider of healthcare and nurses to construction sites across the UK, within each site a team of nurses kept paper based records about the daily injuries and clinics. Our task was to provide a system for all the nurses to use which would allow patient records to be securely stored and allow special clinics and plug-ins to be added in the future with ease.


After visiting some sites and interviewing nurses we implemented a simple CRM mirroring their internal process on a secure server. This allowed complete transparency on notes to save patients any re-explaining. We provided rich reports so directors could see and report on the performance of nurses across the UK with relative ease.

Over the following 12 months we expanded the system using plugins for special clinics such as the Wellman clinic and other Occupational health clinics and monitors.


  • Real-time company wide reports.
  • Enforced Standardisation of working practise.
  • Reduction of stationary by 30%