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Telesales CRM

Problem / Request

Our request was to provide a system capable of running a team of telesales operatives and reduce the management overhead which was running at around 4 hours per day before the working day started. The client was as most do, running excel spreadsheets to collate the data from many different clients and distributing these sheets to telesales members each morning. The system needed to automate as much of this as possible along with the sending of booking sheets and provide accounts reports. Literally taking what the client does and putting everything into a CRM.


We firstly concentrated on alleviating some of the management time as 4 hours per day was spent de-duplicating excel sheets, sending booking sheets out to clients and compiling invoices. Bearing in mind this had to be done between 8pm when the client finished calls and 9am when the staff arrived, making it a long day for someone.

Unity CRM was developed to provide an automated system where the client simply uploaded the excel sheets and Unity does all the de-duplicating and assigning calls to staff. Booking sheets are automatically sent on PDF at the end of each day.

To aid with reporting Unity provides a rich excel report that the client can download at any time for any campaign providing up to the minute statistics. To compliment this we provided scoreboards for the teams to provide statistics to show overall call rates and conversions which are also present on each persons screen.

A more recent addition to the CRM was Voip integration which showed a time saving of 20 mins per week for each member of staff.


  • Labour saving per day at start 4 hours, although this would increase as the teams increased in size.
  • Labour saving on Voip integration
  • Team competitiveness (scoreboards)
  • instant excel exported reports.

We would like to add that since implementation our client has increased its team size by 600%