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Training Course CRM

Problem / Request

After a failed and costly previous CRM implementation from a previous provider, our client was understandably nervous about another system from scratch. Our client processes a large amount of insurance quotes and renewals which was becoming too large to manage on excel sheets. Excel would have sharing issues and the formulas to produce quotes would be more extravagant as time went on. Our brief was to take as much of this process and automate it along with the commissions and build a gateway for other sites and companies to submit details into the system. The system needs to be as easy to use as possible and cope with staff using the system across the UK without having to dial into networks or use special software other than the CRM.


After assessment of the objectives and staff interviews we had identified a considerable amount of time saving functions and the possibility of reducing paperwork by 40%. As the process was mainly a manual one and records were kept on excel spreadsheets this was a big change in the way the client works. To ease the transition we provided a windows based skin and on-site training was given. A step by step development process involving the client from the first step ensured the CRM flowed in-line with their present work-flow, automating as much as possible along the way.

An API allows partner sites to request quotes and at the same time these quotes are added to the system along with the client details, no more copying from email.

Centralisation of data has given control back to management which was virtually impossible when advisor's kept records of their own clients.


  • Labour saving per quote 70%
  • Stationary Saving 40%
  • Online automated quote system alleviates calls to office